Ashes, Josh Martinez’ first video from Blotto, premiered on Exclaim!

Exclaim has been a huge supporter of Blotto and today they have premiered the first official video for Ashes, featuring Evil Ebenezer.

The video gives viewers a sneak peak into the world of the Artist on the Road, trying to find Truth amid the chaos and confusion of Tour Life. We follow Martinez as he fights to follow his Dreams, while keeping the Love of his Life, in his life. His girl’s at the end of her rope – angry and pissed at the betrayal, both real and perceived. Being left at home while Martinez pursues his Dream, kisses the girls, and makes everyone cry, is not gonna fly.

Martinez, unable to stop himself from doing what he does best – kill raps and rock shows – is torn between the Life of the Road and the Safety of Home. Sometimes we hit a breaking point and have to make a choice. You can’t have both. Sometimes there is no choice but to Burn the whole thing Down…to Ashes. Directed by Stuey Kubrick. Song co-produced by Stuey Kubrick and Sapient.

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