Shotgun In My Spaceship on PDX Pop Now! 2013 Compilation

Sapient’s “Shotgun In My Spaceship”, the lead single from Slump, has been selected to join a number of his contemporaries to represent the current sound of Portland, Oregon. PDX Pop Now! has been putting out compilations since 2004 that collect the best of the sprawling music scene from the city that never dries out. Past compilations have featured such now-internationally recognized artists such as The Thermals, YACHT, The Shins, Lifesavas, The Joggers, Glass Candy, The Decemberists….you get the idea.

This years lineup is equally as impressive, if not as well-recognized. Expect to see these artists up in the same playlists as many of the aforementioned in a few years: Typhoon, Y La Bamba, Chromatics, Radiation City, Magic Fades, Wampire, Electric iLL, And And And – If you have been keeping up on the scene in Portland in recent years you have probably heard all these groups, and if not, well, now you know.

“Shotgun” fits in perfectly with Sape’s unique, subtle wit. A love song for nerds, sung with baller confidence…it might sound like a 60’s pop love song but Sape’s no bleeding heart.

Peep the whole PDX Pop Now! project over at their official site, cop the CD, and if you are in Portland, check out Sapient headlining the CD Release party at Backspace this Friday June 14th.