This, That & TH3RDZ – Album Available for Pre-Order NOW.

TH3RDZ: three equal parts of Northwest hip hop excellence, perfectly balanced. Seattle-based hip hop luminaries JFK, Candidt and Xperience have been legends among indie hip hop circles, individually and with notable groups over the years. JFK is Onry Ozzborn’s animated counterpart in Rhymesayers’ cloak-and-dagger group Grayskul and released his solo album Building Wings on The Way Down in 2010. Candidt helmed long-running hip hop showcase The Corner and has 3 solo albums under his belt, including the acclaimed Sweatsuit & Churchshoes. Xperience, who’s gospel-tinged vocals have featured on several other artists projects as well as 4 of his own full length albums, has also joined long-time collaborator Macklemore on national tours.

With such talented voices in the mix, the focus becomes the driving, creative energy of the music. In the past year, their videos, singles and mixtape cuts have generated a huge amount of interest in what’s to come from their collective grind. Each artist is a master of their own unique flavor. The result is some of the most dynamic west coast slappers to come up in recent years.

This, That & TH3RDZ is their debut full-length album. 19 tracks span the sounds of current Hip Hop, built with the heart and creative lyricism the Northwest has earned its name on. Cuts like “Fixed & Addicted” and “Go For Broke” bang with chopped choruses and trapped out drums, while others, like “Hustle Harder” and “Playas Only” lay down a thick soul vibe. G-funk, Hyphy, RnB – TH3RDZ takes listeners through it all with undeniable attitude and style.

The album features production from up and comers like Bruce Waine, and Courtland Urbano of Humble Beast Records, alongside definitive Northwest producers Kuddie Fresh, Vitamin D, Smoke and Bean One. Guest vocalists include Geologic of Blue Scholars, Sleep of The Chicharones, Sonny Bonoho, Nacho Picasso, Brotha Brown and Fatal Lucciano.

This, That & TH3RDZ hits digital and physical retailers on June 18th but you can Preorder yours today at: